The developing Mountain Modern…

Storybook Homes needs a buyer with extraordinary vision and a deep desire to invest in a home that writes a unique and incredible story. Let me introduce you, dear reader and Storybook Friend, to the Mountain Modern. Originally and carefully designed and built in 1990, this home is nestled into a wooded lot in the back of a quiet cul-de-sac in an established Conway neighborhood. It honestly feels like you’re in the mountains of Colorado. If school zones are an important factor in the purchase of a home, you’re in luck. This home is zoned for Julia Lee Moore…one of the best in Conway! Convenient to shopping and coffee, the Tucker Creek Trail, the Faulkner County Library and Bell Urban Farm, this home is close to everything. Just imagine being the first in line on a Saturday morning to purchase the stunning but elusive Bell Urban Farm fresh floral bouquet. Winning!

Logistically, this home boasts a new geothermal unit. It is extremely energy efficient. The original owners took great pride in the construction of this home and really went the extra mile. The bones are good! It is literally “built like a tank”. From the pictures provided to Niki at closing, it appears that the original builder was a female. One who took charge while showing up professionally with her stuff together and in her trusty hard hat. What a coincidence that 30 years later, another girl boss would be writing this home’s next chapter?

Back to the developing Mountain Modern storyline…If you like modern design like Niki’s own home on Carl Stuart Drive, you’ll love the open concept, clean lines and simple design of this house. Each Storybook Home is unique but there are some features in her home that she loves so much that she decided to share them with this one. Two of those features include both the linear fireplace and the butler’s pantry with extra fridge storage. According to Jae Curtis of, a few unique design features of the Mountain Modern is the unique exterior with sharp, modern edges, an uncluttered layout, natural light from large windows and texture over color…building materials such as glass, wood, stone are emphasized. It is among the newest trends and the most sustainable lending itself to minimal to maximize the built in extras.

The complete story includes extensive interior and exterior renovation including a carport addition. This majestic Mountain Modern will include within its 2233 square foot footprint, 4 bedrooms and 2 baths. A Master Suite with a woodland view. The exterior of the home will make a bold modern statement that will lead seamlessly to the interior. It is the complete package. And it’s almost finished!! The interior is 98% complete. The updated exterior is over halfway done and more than meeting expectations. This project is special.

A precedent has been set with Storybook Homes. When you invest in a Storybook Home, your investment is met with a guaranteed delivery of all that you expected and more.

If you would like more information about this project give Niki a call at (501) 472-3310 .


One thought on “The developing Mountain Modern…

  1. S Raley says:

    My daughter found your wonderful blog and sent it to me. I absolutely love what you have done with this wonderful house. You see, I was the second person to own this house, I sold it in 1999. I took the picture of the front of the house when it had the pink flowers on the right & the bench on the porch. That is also my handwriting on the little cassette tape, I never imagined there wouldn’t be an easy way for you to listen to that tape in 2020!
    The love your creative writing in imagining who built the house & its history. It was actually built by a man who was probably in his 30’s and he was a supervisor at Nabholz. He absolutely put his heart into his home. I can’t remember his name at this time though.
    After I closed, he came to the house to show me some features. He mentioned if anyone wanted to remove the built-in cabinets around the fireplace, the wall was bricked behind. (Which I see is true in some of your photos.)
    He also mentioned the house was built for solar panels and he had it built so the controller could be in the laundry room about where you put the new Butler’s pantry. Of course they could probably put the control panel in that little storage area you enter from outside.
    I was surprised to see the tulip border still in the kitchen area! That boarder was there when I purchased it!
    Did you know the heat from the fireplace was designed to come out of the large air vent that was near the first two bedrooms? It really worked well but it always smelled a little of smoke.
    He also told me the house was built to be wheelchair accessible, you notice how wide the halls were, also the bathrooms. (You can turn a wheelchair around in the bathrooms!)
    The first owner gave me the photos of the women digging the wells for the geothermal heater/AC. He was really surprised when the crew showed up & they were women! He mentioned what a muddy mess it was that day.
    When I bought the house I had no idea what a water furnace was, that was in about 1992.
    But I could tell by the quality of the house that it must be something special so I took a chance and bought the home.
    So glad to see the house is being treasured now! I’m so excited for the next family who lives in it, I know we had some special moments there…


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